Rukka-chan Half Body [BATTLE GANG]

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Meet our O.C. (original character) Rukka Okimasa! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


Rukka tends to act strict and formal, believing in working hard to reach one's goals

Often times she tends to watch over others and provides guidance to support them

However, she can get angry if pushed too much and even becoming violent depending on the situation.


Rukka Okimasa るっか 沖摩擦

Age 18

Birthday July 23

Zodiac Sign Leo

Height 5’ 3”

Bust 91cm

Waist 60cm

Hip 91cm

Blood Type O

Bra Size 23-D


Measured approx. 5" tall
  • Make sure to apply to a clean, solid surface
  • Rated for outdoor use

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