What We're All About

We are an automotive lifestyle brand made for car enthusiasts, by car enthusiasts. 

Ovrdue was started in 2013 in Oceanside, California by a small group of friends.

We were working on our cars in our garage and realized that every time we were scheduled to get together, there was always someone who was always late. And not just by a few minutes, sometimes a few hours.

We wanted to come up with a name for ourselves, design a logo, and make shirts and hoodies for ourselves. Our friends started asking for shirts and stickers of their own and we quickly started selling in batches in person. We eventually moved online when the demand became too high.

We first came up with the name Overdue, but after seeing the #Overdue hashtag on Instagram, we quickly changed it to Ovrdue.

We first started by hosting one of the first car meets in North County San Diego and grew to be one of the largest meets in San Diego.

By 2018 the brand moved to Japan for two years. This is where we pull a lot of our design and inspiration from.

Currently, we are located back in San Diego and showcase the modified car scene in California and now internationally all over the world.

We are not a car crew! Ovrdue is for all car enthusiasts world wide. If you've ever found yourself running late, then we can relate!

Together we're always late but worth the wait.